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”The Nordic Way” is the Eco Living Ltd energy efficient indoor ventilation solution for all climates. It helps people to work and live in a healthy and comfortable indoor climate by providing easy to use, premium 100% fresh indoor air that saves energy and money. Our Green Power technology solution has a very low carbon footprint and immensely helps to preserve our Earth.

All of the product manufacturers are established companies in their fields with tens of years of experience which include hotels, shopping malls, hospitals, ice rings, high-rises, airport terminal buildings etc. Our team’s experience expands over 50 years in HVAC product manufacturing, designing and planning.

Eco Living Ltd has installed and used this extremely energy efficient HVACR-D Green Power air ventilation technology system solution in Finland, Hong Kong, Macao and Shanghai since 2012 in houses, offices, shops and smaller industrial facilities with great achievements. These experiences can guarantee the results in buildings of any size and type, 365 days a year.

The Nordic Way

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